Step #5

At the time of the making of the introduction to Defier, I had the intention of starting a process blog to share the experience, and the background work that the project involved. Process and inside knowledge on art works, work environments and tools of the trade were always things which fascinated me, so, at the risk of sounding full of myself, I started doing just that.

I actually had a blog where I started doing that, but for a couple of reasons I ended up shutting that down. Later, I opened this one, but the schedule of production of the 32 page introduction kept me from the updates, so I gave up for a while on the process reports.

I'm currently working on the idea to bring back this side project, just for the heck of it, so I'm using the making of the 2nd chapter to talk about motivations, inspirations, processes, mistakes, and weapons of choice.

Because, as with the story of Defier, the fun is more on the journey than on the destination.

For now, here are some production photos from the first chapter.

Writing Defier #1ThumbnailsFirst pagesInks

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