Step #4

From April 4th until the 18th, I'll have an exhibition of the original pages from Defier #1, on the Espaço Chili store (Rua dos Fanqueiros nº 174 1º Esq), in Lisbon.

Also, I'll be signing copies of the book on April 4th, around 5 pm, and we'll have the official portuguese release of the book (as well as for Mocifão, by Nuno Duarte and Untxura, also published by El Pep).

I'll be showing the actual pages, pencils, production sketches and more stuff for your viewing pleasure.
Drop by if you can, everyone is welcome to check out my work and chat about comics.

Defier Art Show Poster


Step #3

Cover for the first book of Defier. It's a double spread, but you'll have to buy the book to see it all.



Step #2

Preview for the first issue of Defier.
This first installment premiered at the Angouleme Festival last January, and it's the 32-page introduction to the world of One.